Member of the state parliament at KÖSTER in Aurich

On October 4th, 2023, Ms. Saskia Buschmann, CDU member and member of the Lower Saxony state parliament for the Aurich district, visited us. Ms. Buschmann is a police officer who works or has worked in the emergency and patrol service and in the central criminal service. She works on a voluntary basis in the DLRG Aurich local branch, as well as chairwoman of the GdP Aurich district group and a member of the CDU district board. She has been chairwoman of the CDU local branch since 2021. In the state parliament she is a member of the Interior Committee and the Petitions Committee.

Ms. Buschmann already knows our company from a visit last year. Ms. Buschmann was impressed by the international projects in which the KÖSTER company can supply its products. These include airports all over the world, tunnel structures, large power plant projects or well-known buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Apple headquarters in the USA or the locks of the Panama Canal.

Ms. Buschmann has a great interest in economic events in her region and therefore maintains contact with companies in the region. Johann Köster, chairman of the supervisory board and founder of KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE, emphasized the importance of infrastructure development in the region for the regional economy. This includes road construction, data networks, but also internal security, local public transport and the digitalization of public administration.

Dieter Köster, CEO of the company, used a few examples to explain the importance of construction chemistry in the preservation and energy-efficient renovation of buildings for environmental and climate protection. The existing building stock is one of the areas of the economy with the highest potential for saving resources and energy and thus also for significantly reducing CO2 emissions. This is why building protection and structural repairs are so important.

Kösters mit Saskia Buschmann



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