La calidad prevalece. Esto es atestiguado por incontables clientes que tiene KÖSTER  en todo el mundo. Aquí encontrará una selección de referencias clasificadas por campo de aplicación, por país o por producto. Esta es una referencia elegida aleatoriamente para una primera impresión: 

Thailand, Ladawan Palace (Horizontal barrier)

Ladawan Palace was built in 1906 as a gift from King Rama V to his son prince Yugala Bidhamabara. With large verdant garden and wide ventilating corridors and windows, it flaunts his penchant as European living concepts at the time. Also known as the Red Palace due to its crimson outer walls, it is a two-storey brick and stone building with four-storey watchtower. Design in the style of Victorian and Italian villas by Italian architect G. Bruno, many Western architectural techniques such as arches, pilasters, rustication and wall bearing are in evidence. Today Ladawan Palace is the home to the Crown Property Bureau who were instrumental its restoration.  
Campos de aplicación
Barreras horizontales con inyección sin presión
Installation of a horizontal barrier with Crisin® 76 against rising moisture in the walls 
Producto aplicado
KÖSTER Capillary Rods
KÖSTER Crisin 76
KÖSTER Crisin 76 cartridge
KÖSTER Suction Angle



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